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HairStory: No more plastic bags.

Jelissa’s HairStory…

 I’ve wanted to go ‘au natural’ for a while now, but didn’t have the courage to do it until today. Like every other black girl, my hair was my pride and it was hard to let go of that cultural stigma. Recently, I’ve been experiencing a lot of changes in my life. As an emerging young adult, I began to feel more comfortable with who I was and I felt it was time to accept myself, not for the polished girl that I tried to create by wearing excessive makeup and going to the hair dresser every other week. I wanted to embrace the image that God said was already perfect and beautiful. Our society focuses too much on sexuality and perfection rather than individuality and being able to accept our flaws as part of who we are and not something that’s ugly or abnormal. Taking a step into the natural is my way of saying “hey, I’m beautiful so I don’t need extra cover ups”. I never liked going to the hair dresser for a relaxer every 4 weeks, I dreaded it but it did make my hair more manageable — so I thought. You know it’s bad when it’s raining and you’re with your boyfriend and the only thing you have on you is a plastic bag. All pride goes out the window because you would do anything to protect your hair in order to look good for dinner that night. It’s sad to say, but this did happen to me.

I thought I would cry getting my hair cut but I laughed through the entire thing. I was just so ready to do it. My hairdresser was more nervous than I was. After my hair cut, I just felt relieved and I felt light — literally too. I thought to myself, this is all me!!! If someone told me 2 years ago that I would make this decision, I would’ve said, no way. But that’s the thing about life, we live, learn and grow.

I’m excited to see how the rest of this journey unfolds. No more plastic bags!

I’ve known Jelissa for almost 10 years and I’ve watched her grow from a timid teen, to a self-assured young woman. That she has been inspired to embrace her natural self in this way is really a joy to witness. We’ll keep you posted on her journey and progress. Show her your love and support by commenting. — Juli

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  • Marsha

    Proud of you for taking the step Jelissa. You are beautiful

  • http://www.simplynaturalideas.com Rochelle Hanson

    This is SO inspirational. Ah! I love it.
    I couldn’t be happier about what you all are doing here at Three Naturals.
    More people need to hear these kinds of stories and consider their own natural beauty.

    Keep the goodness coming!
    So inspired :)

    Simply Natural Ideas

  • http://www.evolvingplainjane.com Rhonda

    What an inspiring post! I know that many women (including myself) get caught up in superficial beauty and forget the natural beauty that we possess. I am in a transitional phase with my hair and I look forward to embracing my natural texture. Two thumbs up for taking this step!!

  • Dana

    Yeah, Jelissa! Welcome to the natural club girl. Going natural is one of the best things I ever did!

  • Natalie McDonald

    go JB! beautiful as always :)

  • Marelle Parkin

    Jelissa is truly one of the most amazing, strong-willed, and intelligent people I know. She is one of those people who inspire you to be a better person, to look at things from a positive point of view and who constantly stands by you no matter what you are facing in life. Thank you for always being there and helping to guide me through life. You are beautiful, inspiring and the best friend anyone could ask for and I am so proud of you for embracing your inner beauty and letting it fully shine through for the rest of the world to see.

  • jheanell

    yay Lisa! Welcome to the club…Natural hair really does give you a whole new perspective on who YOU are . Love ya cuz! <3

  • Caleb Harid

    POWERFUL STORY !!! : )

  • Christeen

    Thank you J! I got goosebumps reading your story. I really believe that when one woman makes that decision, she plants a seed in at least 5 other ‘permies’. I’m excited for you and hope you love your kinks/curls/coif to the fullest!

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