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Akeylah’s Winter Reggie

Akeylah’s Winter Reggie

Many of you know that I’m the proud momma of an adorable and highly intelligent one and a half (20 months to be exact) year old baby girl. I’m not just saying that – she really is very smart, I promise. Mom looks after her 4 days a week while I am at work. This is a large part of the reason she is so smart you see. Mom’s a retired teacher and has been using her iPad to teach Akeylah everything from the alphabet, to what Broccoli is. She knows the names of some vegetables that I don’t even know. I’m not kidding – it’s actually quite embarrassing.

I digress. God knows what mom does with her hair when she gets her in the bath, but here’s what I do:

  1. After I get the teeny tiny braids out, which I have warned mother dear not to put in her hair, I get her in the bath and give her a good wet down. We get the bath out of the way first and then tackle the hair so she can play while I work.
  2. I use a teeny tiny bit of my Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner to help soften the hair, and I run through it with a wide tooth comb – adult version.
  3. Next, I use what I consider to be a wide tooth comb – kiddie version – which is really a very old plastic comb that I own. It’s wide enough to not snag her hair, but not too wide that it has no effect on her sparse strands. As she grows and her hair gets thicker, I will end up retiring this particular comb.
  4. Without washing out the conditioner, I use this cheapie no tears kids’ shampoo that I found on sale at Zellers, before it closed down at Square One, for some cleansing. Her scalp/hair is usually not dirty, but occasionally, depending on how much rolling around in the carpet there has been, it gets full of fluff and stuff.
  5. We do a little dance where I ask nicely for her to lean back, she obliges and I rinse her hair out thoroughly.
  6. The final step before we are done is to liberally apply pure castor oil to the hair. I found that coconut oil was great in the summer and warmer seasons, but now that its winter, the weight and viscosity of Castor oil is doing a great job of keeping her hair moist and conditioned for days.
  7. To style, I give her some banging bantu knots (dad’s fav look on her for now). That adds to the moisture retention and keeps her ends tucked away and protected, which hopefully will promote growth.

Ain’t she a cutie?

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