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Shakara Natural Tips presents: A Celebration of Curls

Shakara Natural Tips presents: A Celebration of Curls

Shakara Natural Tips is dedicated to protecting the health of consumers by advocating for the elimination of harsh ingredients in both hair and skin cosmetics. On February 28th, Shakara Natural Tips will be hosting  A Celebration of Curls. This networking event for those in the GTA will serve as motivational and informational.

Three Naturals caught up with Organizer Yemi S Wellhauser to get some further details: Peep the interview below…



Introduce yourself:
My name is Yemi S. Wellhauser and I am editor of www.shakaranaturaltips.com

Are you a natural? What’s your hair-story?:
Yes, I’ve been natural for over a year now. I went natural a few times in the past but did not understand how to take care of my hair. I didn’t know there was a process to caring for it. About a year ago I got a phone call from my elder sister, she gave me basic tips on how to care for my natural hair and that’s how the journey really began. It’s an empowering experience!

Tell us about Shakara Natural Tips:
Shakara Natural Tips is a small independent blog that was founded December 2011. Today we’ve developed a strong network of supporters. Majority of our followers/audience come from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India and Australia.

Shakara Natural Tips offers DIY toxic free recipes. Reviews natural skin and hair care beauty products and provides practical tips on choosing a healthier, money-saving, organic life. We strive to promote products that are 100% Pure, free of toxic chemicals, petroleum, artificial fragrances and preservatives.

What has the response been to Shakara in the GTA hair community? 
It’s been great! I am truly humbled. When I do tradeshows & events, I also have to do demos sometimes and my clients are not just curly haired girls, they are also straight haired too! A lot of my products are for thinning hair and balding spots, because of my own personal experience, and this attracts a diverse range of clients. 
When I started this journey my hair was scanty and, especially around the edges, thin. Now after a short time my hair is thick and beautiful.

Tell us about this event:
Hair is a major part of one’s self image. Everyday, I try to encourage curly girls to love what they have and make the most of it! This event brings local women in the GTA together to celebrate curly hair, to network and motivate one another in our mission for chemical-free hair. We’ll discuss curly hair care, different curl types and information on maintenance to grow, maximize & volumize your curls.

Natural hair experts will also be on hand to give advice on how to help curly hair looking its best! We’ll be providing you with healthy, non-toxic products, & money saving tips, for different curl types.

Who will be there?:
Some of our partners include: Curly Hair Solutions, Earthtones Naturals, Cha’coal Beauty and Wellness, Natural Hair Salon Finder.com, Tonica Kombucha, Shea Moisture, Nharo! African Arts and Crafts, Bobeam, Amazing Botanicals, Land of Pure, Flowers from Fatima, Beija-Flor Naturals, Web Your Mind and The Non Toxic Shop.

Trinity St Paul United Church is our venue, and we’ve got exclusive screenings of films by Zina Saro-Wiwa (UK Nigerian Filmmaker and Reporter) and Cynthia Butare, (UK Documentary Filmmaker) .  There will also by a special musical performance by local Toronto based artist SoJay!

Anything else you want to share?:
OVER 60% of tickets have been sold. 7 spots are left to secure a goodie bag. Only the first 100 women will get a swag bag! If you haven’t booked your tickets yet now is a good time to do so.

Where can we find you online?:





Is there still time to get tickets? How can that be done?:
Yes, but hurry, RSVP does NOT guarantee entry. Once venue is at capacity we will not be allowed to admit people on the list. So book your tickets now! http://shakaranaturaltips.com/events/a-celebration-of-curls

 You can also purchase tickets at Nharo African Arts and Crafts: 543 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4K 1P7


Have you gotten your ticket yet? Don’t be left out.

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    Thanks a million for featuring our event and me! much appreciated!! xXx

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    Thanks a million for featuring our event and me! much appreciated!! xXx

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