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Skin Woes – Product Review for Buzz on Acne

Skin Woes – Product Review for Buzz on Acne

buzzonacne__75349_stdI dealt with blemishes on my skin as a teenager and well into my twenties. I have sensitive skin and it didn’t take much to irritate it, until I found Proactive. I’ve been using Proactive Skin Care for years… well that is… up until about 8 months ago. 8 months ago I woke up one morning and noticed that the coloured pillow case I had put on the night before had changed colour, it was as if someone poured bleach on it. The only thing that touched the pillow was may face and the only thing on my face was Proactive. And then it hit me…. Proactive’s main ingredient is benzyl peroxide. Peroxide is the same chemical used to strip the colour off your hair when you colour your hair. So naturally, I came to the conclusion that if it could discolour synthetic fabric then what was it doing to my skin! (As a disclaimer this was just my experience, I can’t say that this is true in all cases.) So I decided to go cold turkey, I went natural with my hair so why not my skin regimen.

So here’s what happened… when I stopped using Proactive I started breaking out, and it made my skin worse.  I learned that benzyl peroxide dries out your skin so when you stop using it your skin goes into overdrive producing more and more sebum which can lead to more breakouts.

Just over a month ago I came across this product called Buzz on Acne. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like benzyl peroxide or salicylic acid. My breakouts have stopped and it’s keeping my monthly pimples at bay. It comes in a bottle with a spray nozzle, it doesn’t smell like anything and it feels and looks like water. It’s cost effective at $24 a bottle, however, because it’s coming from the U.S the shipping and handling almost doubles the cost. You don’t need a lot though, so if you spread the cost over a 6 month – 1 year period, you’re looking at as little as $4 -$8 a month. After I wash my face (whatever cleanser you choose to use, I use the Body Shop Tea Tree Foam Wash), I use one small squirt on each cheek, and then use my fingers to spread it to the rest of my problem areas. I’m 4 weeks in and have no complaints. Some reviews of the product talk about a purging process where your skin gets worse before it gets better but I didn’t have that experience. It doesn’t have fancy packaging, and it may take a couple weeks to get to you if you live in Toronto, but Denise, the owner is very friendly and responds very quickly to emails if you have any questions. If you choose to give it a try be sure to check out the coupon codes on her site.

My 2 cents; like any skin care product, don’t over use it, minimize its use, using  it only when you need it.

Be you and be beautiful 😉



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