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We have no age.

We have no age.

…by Juli-Anne via JulianneJJames.com

Here’s what I know for sure:

We come from heaven pure. Like a breath from the nostrils of God. We have a mission, we have clarity, we have peace. We have no age. Somewhere between that heavenly realm and this one – this earthly, clay, sticks and stones, temporal, bound by time realm, our beautiful existence becomes encased, shrouded, and hidden. It’s a necessary part of living here for the period of time that we do. If you’re going to hang out on earth, you need an earth suit. You can’t stay in “breath-of-God” form down here.

So we grow…we learn…we absorb all this clay. We get used to it. We begin to believe it is us and we are it. It becomes to us our entire existence and we forget that we once were without it. We don’t remember that we have a mission, far less what that mission is. As we experience this realm and interact with others in it, we lose peace and we lose clarity. We see ourselves as our age. We define ourselves by the characteristics of our temporary earth suits. We make eternal decisions and create eternal impact based on ephemeral circumstances.

So clearly, we are ever in need of reminding and rescue.

Enter, Love.

The first people to wear earth suits had the same problem that we do today. In fact, we have the problem because they sorta created it. And that’s why perfect love entered the earth to remind us that we were once held in Him and that we have the hope that we will be again. This is the first example and the true model of what love is and what love does. It calls you in, it ransoms you, recaptures you and restores the sense of purity, purpose and peace that you came here with.

Stay with me – I’m going somewhere.

We’re living in a time where the pearls of human existence are more hidden than ever, as people try to figure out life. We make mistakes along the way…we all do. We all lose ourselves, even for a moment or a season. And inside us, we instinctively know that love is the answer. So, we’re all searching for it. But it’s an evasive thing isn’t it?

Well no, not really. It’s just that you can’t find something if you don’t know what it looks like. So here’s a big clue: it’s not love if it doesn’t redeem you. If it doesn’t restore you, to you – it’s not the real thing (and neither is Coca Cola). If it doesn’t ransom you from all of those mistakes you made, if it doesn’t show you (not just tell you) that you are more than the sum of your earth suit and the choices you made in it, if it doesn’t see you in your “breath-of-God” form – it’s not love.

And, as Dr. Phil put it the other day, “If you have to give up all of who you are to become half of a couple, the price is too high.”

If you have found redemptive love, then cherish it. If you are still looking for it, consider yourself reminded of what it really is, and decide that you will hold out and wait for it and that you will not settle for anything counterfeit. Consider what eternity is worth to you. Choose not to be miserable in both this transient season and your eternal life. Pass through this place with grace and dignity about you. Because after all…

We come from heaven pure. Like a breath from the nostrils of God. We have a mission, we have clarity, we have peace. We have no age.

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