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TWA styling ideas… well, what I’m doing right now

On the off chance that some of you were wondering, “how does Noni get her coils so defined?” Keep reading.

I’m posting some vids of other curly girls because:
1. I’m not savvy with the webcam in the bathroom deal and pics don’t always cut it.
2. These ladies have already done the hard work.
3. They’re pretty close to the current methods I use to style my tdub (aka twa). Hopefully you’ll get some ideas and be able to employ some of these methods for your own styling.


Brush coils (I tried but couldn’t get it to work right for me)


Also check this vid by Toliahli. Start at about 2:30 for products or 4:45 for technique.

Sponge coils (worked a lot better but as my hair got longer I wasn’t totally thrilled with the look)


Finger coils (method I use). Start at about 1:30. (I twirl once round my finger but that’s my personal preference)


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